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Hello Stranger, Welcome to The Keeper Diaries :)

If you're here then most probably you want to know who's behind this blog. But I'm not giving up my secret. I can tell you one thing that I'm an introvert person who likes to remain in the shadows. Maybe I'm the BATMAN. HA HA HA !!

So, If you enjoyed being on this blog or you are one of those people who love writing but doesn't know where to share their stuff, then don't worry just send your content to me and you'll be getting all the credits. I'm just gonna provide you with a platform.

In short, The Keeper Diaries is a house for raw and amazing storytellers, writers, and poets. We share write-ups, quotes, and poems on any content. Share your stories with us to get featured on our Facebook and Instagram page. Join us to build a bigger community of this Raw TALENT.

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